Every now and then there’ll be something different going on at a wedding. In this case, because the marriage proposal came from the ‘Bride to Be’ during a leap year, the Reception was organised so the Groom and Groomsmen didn’t make speeches but the Bride and bridesmaids did . That’s right girls you can ask your man for his hand in marriage during a leap year.


Not having to give a speech is seen as ideal by many a groom I talk to..lol . So our Groom was taking a back seat during the speeches and enjoying the night.


The intimacy of a small venue like the White Stables at the Rose & Crown made for a great night for the guests.
One of the highlights as far as photo opportunities goes was the arrival of our Bride & Groom ….
Attachment 2

in a 1957 stretch Chevy……………….

Attachment 1a …NOICE!

Pics kindly supplied by Amy at Rustique Photography: https://instagram.com/rustique_photo/